The Elephant Free Home

Why Leadership at Home is Paramount

We have all heard of the elephant in the room in the corporate world. We tend to ignore the elephant at times, because we can choose to leave it in the office. Since Covid19, we have had to combine our workplace life with our home life. This has caused a new set of issues as many fail to achieve work-life balance in the midst of the pandemic. What do you do you can no longer leave the elephant at work? Is the preverbial elephant that once haunted you at work, now sitting in the middle of your living room?

The most important leadership strategy is the ability to lead one's self. We are all finding out that self-care is now important than ever. It is vital that we build a culture of wellness surrounding our ability to balance home and work. Our ability to listen, communicate, collaborate, and self-regulate are leadership traits that are important in the corporate world as well as home. It is important to support health relationships and person development in our personal lives.

All of the skills that we have learned in the corporate world will help us keep an elephant free home. Coaching, delegation, project management, budgeting, teamwork, troubleshooting and other leadership skills that we have, helps build the capacity for our children to develop those same skills. Think about it, the first professional development we get is from our parents. Are you creating a culture that promotes healthy behaviors? Does your family feel valued?

If you are wondering how you can use your ability to lead your family and keep the elephant out of your home, then consider treating your work and home life separate even when working from home. This includes having structure and becoming an effective leader within your home. Here are some ideas:

Make time for movement.

Take a walk between meetings. Take frequent movement breaks, so that you can get your steps in. If your children are participating in virtual learning or home school, encourage them to do the same.

Time management is paramount

Take a lunch break. Try to maintain the same structure you had at work. Set a work schedule and stick to it. Make time for personal time. Invest in time tracking tools. Set aside time for vacation and days off, even if you are not leaving home.


Use accounting tools to manage budget. It is important feel confident about finances, especially during a stressful time. Cut back on frivolous spending.

Create a dedicated workspace

Making sure your space is ergonomic and comfortable is important, especially when working long hours from home. Make sure if your kids are learning from home, they have there own space too.

Achieving work life balance keeps the elephant out of your home. Effective leadership in the home is crucial to making sure this occurs.

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