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Self-Discovery is an endless journey.  It is not about seeing new sights, but about seeing old sights through a new lens

Sherrie G.

CSI of Self-Discovery

Speaker Overview

Like most people Sherrie G., has seen an increase the need for support due to the current crises. We all face massive challenges from: how to handle overwhelm, how to plan for unlikely scenarios, how to think strategically while handling daily fires, how to have difficult conversations, how to develop new ways of doing business, how to have work/life balance, how to be more aware of things that we do that contribute to civil unrest, and how to take care of ourselves during these stressful times.  

Sherrie's view is radically different.  Due to her unique set of skills as a Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years and a Therapist for 14 years, she can understand and provide insight on a variety of issues going on today. She understands the challenges that police face, but she also understands the challenges that people of color face.  With over two decades of experience working in some of the most exciting and demanding business environments, Sherrie is able to bring practical real world experience to her coaching, mentoring and speaking.  It’s this fusion of first-hand experience, personal  stories, and humor that enable her to connect so deeply with her audiences and create such inspiring and transformational talks.

Sherrie has managed  law enforcement officers, worked for high profile executives,  worked high profile events, and has had the opportunity to  work with the most senior figures in the corporate and entertainment world.  Her unique skillset sets her apart from everyone in the industry.


Topics include:

Inclusive Leadership
Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Self Care for Busy Professionals
The Secret to Work/Life Balance

How To Talk To Children About Diversity
The Elephant  In The Room

Unconscious Bias

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

What You Need to Know About Demonstrations

Life In Today's Uncertain Times

Forgiveness and Healing

Building Resilience 

Coping With Civil Unrest

Survival Skills for Brown Boys

Courageously Surviving Infidelity

The Art of Co-Parenting

Emotional Intelligence

Teen Suicide Awareness

The Art of Negotiation

Tactical Empathy